On “I Need More of Me” 2015-09-15

Only our second jam and this first song that got cut off 52 seconds in is still one of my favorites. We should redo, my bass was off anyway, but Tom is blazing killer lead, deep, wild, sharp. So then we chilled and went back to childhood looking at the balsa planes in the Dime Store where my bass had a mind of its own. Almost sounds like two basses. Looking down at the placard I like how Tom’s closed eyes are just left of Ron Greiner’s painting of Tom’s inner mind, becoming more of him, preparing him for The Test where he plays that lead set back, filling the spaces left between the bass and the drums and telling its own story where he is neither in the hallway or missing his turn and well, maybe guessing…nicely. We recently played again the night before John’s birthday in 2018, thus happy birthday kill…getting more vintage…like wine. Can’t wait to hear the new pre-toast!

  1. I Need More Of Me Sans Trio 0:52
  2. Dime Store Sans Trio 4:43
  3. The Test Sans Trio 3:03
  4. Hap Birth Day Kill Sans Trio 3:25