On “Further on Down the Line” 2015-09-26

And now, further on down the line, I write about that night, another jam after a jam, this one begins with 13. What will be our first solo night? I do like this remake/rethinking of Shake Those Titties. The action has passed back into the mind of the viewer where this supposed “slow motion” grooves along this up tempo, bouncing, tittie-shaking rhythm with Tom’s psychedelic beach music lead. Apparently we had to donate a song to the gods–not sure if I want to be reminded, but at least it is another new song. Thanks.

  1. Further On Down The Line Sans Trio 4:29
  2. It's Like Slow Motion In My Mind Sans Trio 3:40
  3. Donate To Your God Sans Trio 2:53
  4. What's Your Shoe Size Boy? Sans Trio 4:41