Love Brothers Band – “Ella Gets The Funk”

Love Brothers Band – “Ella Gets The Funk”

“It’s 19:58 on a Tuesday night in June, and I’m at a party with my friend Ella.
We’re having a great time dancing and drinking.
The music is loud, the lights are flashing, and everyone is having a blast.
Suddenly, Ella stops dancing and starts to stare at the ceiling.
Her eyes widen, and her lips curl into a smile. “I’m getting the funk,” she says.
I don’t know what she means, but I can tell that she’s serious.
She starts to move her body in a way that I’ve never seen her move before.
It’s like she’s possessed by a funky spirit.

I start to dance with her, and soon we’re both lost in the music.
We’re moving our bodies in ways that we never thought possible.
We’re laughing and sweating and having the time of our lives.
I don’t know how long we dance, but it feels like hours.
Eventually, the party starts to wind down, and we head home.
We’re both exhausted, but we’re also filled with a sense of joy.
I’ll never forget the night that Ella got the funk.
It was one of the most fun nights of my life.”

2018-04-14 – John Tim Chad – 12 – “Ella Gets The Funk”

Text by Bard AI.
Prompt: “Act as if you are partying with Ella and she suddenly Ella Gets The Funk”.
Edits: Minimal

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