Love Brothers Band – “Are You Feeling It?”

Love Brothers Band – “Are You Feeling It?”

“The music is so loud, I can feel it in my bones. The bass is rumbling through my chest,
and the drums are beating in my ears. I close my eyes and let the music take me away.
I’m transported to another plane, a place where there is only music and love.
I open my eyes and look at my friends.
They’re all smiling, their eyes closed, lost in the music.
I reach out and grab their hands. “Are you feeling it?” I shout over the noise.
They nod, their eyes still closed. “Yeah,” one of them says. “I’m feeling it.”
We all stand there for a moment, just feeling the music.
It’s like we’re all connected, one big soul, one big heartbeat.

Then, the music changes, and we all start to dance.
We dance like there’s no tomorrow, like we’re all going to be young forever.
We dance until we’re exhausted, until we can’t dance anymore.
But even when we’re too tired to dance, we’re still feeling it.
We’re still connected to the music, to each other, to something bigger than ourselves.
I know that this feeling will not last forever, but I’m going to cherish it for as long as I can.
This is what it’s all about, this is why we love music.”

2018-01-27 – John Tim Chad Joe – 07 – “Are You Feeling It?”
John Love: Guitar
Chad Grimm: Guitar
Joe Love: Bass, VOX
Tim Love: Drums

Text by Bard AI.
Prompt: “Act as if you are at a concert and the music is taking you away to another plane and you ask the friends with you “Are You Feeling It?””.
Edits: None

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