Love Brothers Band – “Little Miss Hawaii”

Love Brothers Band – “Little Miss Hawaii”

An Ode to the Beautiful Girls of Hawaii

“Oh, Hawaii, land of beauty,
Where the girls are fair and sweet,
With their smiles like sunshine,
And their eyes like the ocean deep.

Their skin is soft and golden,
Their hair is dark and flowing,
Their laughter is like music,
And their hearts are always glowing.

From the valleys of Kauai,
To the beaches of Waikiki,
The girls of Hawaii are a treasure,
That truly can’t be beat.”

2010-01-23 – John Chad Tim Joe – 08 – “Little Miss Hawaii”
John Love: Guitar
Chad Grimm: Bass
Joe Love: VOX
Tim Love: Drums

Text by Bard AI.
Prompt: “Write an ode to the beautiful girls of Hawaii”.
Edits: Minimal, lopped off last 2 verses.

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