Sans Trio – “Mother Nature Takin’ Over”

Sans Trio – “Mother Nature Takin’ Over”

Mother Nature had had enough. She watched in despair as humanity continued to destroy her planet.
The forests were being cut down, the oceans polluted, and the air filled with toxic fumes.
She had tried to warn them, but they would not listen.
So, Mother Nature decided it was time to take over.

She started with a series of natural disasters. There were floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes.
She unleashed her power in a way that humanity had never seen before.
At first, people were defiant. They thought they could withstand her wrath.
But Mother Nature was relentless. The disasters continued, and the damage became irreparable.
People began to panic. They fled their homes in search of safety.
But there was no safety to be found. Mother Nature was everywhere.

Finally, humanity realized that they were no match for Mother Nature.
They begged for forgiveness, but it was too late.
Mother Nature had taken over.

The forests grew back thicker than ever before.
The oceans became crystal clear. And the air was fresh and clean.
Humanity was gone. But Mother Nature was thriving.

One day, a group of children were playing in the forest.
They were exploring a cave when they came across a strange old woman.
“Who are you?” one of the children asked.
“I am Mother Nature,” the woman replied. “And I have taken over.”
The children were scared. They had heard stories about Mother Nature,
but they had never thought they would meet her.
“Why did you take over?” another child asked.
“Because humanity was destroying my planet,” Mother Nature said.
“I had to do something to stop them.”
The children understood. They knew that Mother Nature was right.
“Can we stay with you?” one of the children asked.
“Of course,” Mother Nature said. “This is your home now.”

The children stayed with Mother Nature in the forest.
They learned to live in harmony with nature,
and they helped her to restore the planet to its former beauty.

Mother Nature had taken over, and it was for the best.

2016-08-27 – Tim Joe Tom – 09 – “Mother Nature Takin’ Over”
Joe Love: Bass
Tim Love: Drums, Vox
Tom Lakey: Guitar

Text by Bard AI.
Prompt: “Write a short story about Mother Nature Takin’ Over”.
Edits: None

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