“I was murdered by a bear” > “Pet store”

HOG > The Love Brothers Band

First up is HOG with the Tim penned and Joe sung track, “I was murdered by a bear”.
A vivid dream and when I awoke I put it to pen. This track is a little over 6 minutes long
in it’s original form. Here, I cut to the chase.

2015-05-02 – Tim Chad Joe – 03 – I Was Murdered By A Bear (Edit)
Joe Love: Bass, VOX
Chad Grimm: Twisted guitar
Tim Love: Drums

Lastly is “Pet Store”. These words are made up live as is the music. I did a (sort of) Tom Waits
homage on this, because, why not?
Not sure what John is playing instrument wise but I find it mind twistingly brilliant.

2011-11-15 – John Tim Chad – 15 – Pet Store (Edit)
John Love: Guitar(+)
Chad Grimm: Bass
Tim Love: Drums, VOX

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