“All I Wanna Be” > “Time Reveals” > “8 Track Mind” (Friends episode #01)

HOG – “All I Wanna Be” > LBB – “Time Reveals” > LBB – “8 Track Mind”

Start off this episode partying with neighbor Sarah and cousin Jane tackling vocalist duties
on a track titled, “All I Wanna Be”. You can here the lyrics being created as
Sarah turns Janes lines into a verse, Fun times. Yes, wine gets an assist..

2015-03-28 – Tim Chad Joe Sarah Jane – 27 – All I Wanna Be
Chad: Guitar
Joe Love: Bass
Tim Love: Drums
Vocals: Sarah & Jane

Jeff Weber brings a pretty original to the HOL, “Time Reveals”.
First and only take, of course.

2015-02-07 – John Tim Joe Jeffw – 07 – Time Reveals
Chad: Guitar
Joe Love: Bass
Tim Love: Drums
Jeff Weber: Guitar, VOX

Wrapping up the set is the John Maniaci tune, “8 Track Mind”.
Munchies brought a few trax this night and they will make a future friends episode for sure.
Nice to hear John Lakey on drums also, more to come from this dude,
who also has some great trax in the vault.

2007-10-06 – John Chad Tim Jonmon Jonla – 03 – 8 Track Mind
.Chad: Guitar
John Maniaci: Bass, VOX
John Lakey: Drums
John Love: Lead Guitar, B. VOX

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