Water / Hurricane Songs

Water is the inspiration for this set ranging from 1994-2015 New Year’s Eve. Trax: 2005-09-03 – John Chad Tim – 01 – Don’t Like No Water Runnin’ Through My House 2008-03-12 – John Chad Tim Jc Karl – 06 – The Waterflow 2015-12-31 – John Tim Joe Tom Jc – 03 – When The Water’s […]

This Day in HOL History 2012-09-02 “LBB”

Groovy jam with John Maniaci (Jonmon). Jonmon brought some killer songs and a little 18 key keyboard that we had a lotta fun with on this jam. A lot of switching up of instruments on this set with bass, guitars and keys being swapped around, with very groovy results. 6 tracks of 12 played this […]

This Day in HOL History 2012-09-01 “LBB”

4 choice tracks from a total of 12 played on 2012-09-01 with John Tim Chad. The first 3 tracks with vocals by John. The fourth was inspired by Billy Busch and his penchant for getting in trouble (having possibly caused the death of a woman). Commemorating the event with brewing his “kill chicks” beer, here […]

Track of the Day “Rock Bottom”

Chad on bass and vox.. a screed on hitting.. “Rock Bottom.. always looking up..” 2017-07-29 – John Tim Chad – 06 – Rock Bottom https://hol.lovebrothersband.com/wp-content/uploads/trax/2017_07_29_John_Tim_Chad_06_Rock_Bottom.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download