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“Catfish (Space Jazz)”

Who’s Nico? I Can’t remember, comment if you do. This was a full house jam, very late in the night. Nico improvs some words over a mellow, space groove. Recorded 2004-09-18 with John C&G Jonla Munchies Nico Meg Chad Tim Victoria “Catfish (Space Jazz)”. Play in new window | Download

“It’s Time To Leave”

A Bye Bye song, drunken blues.. Oh yeah.. Recorded 2005-09-17 with John Tim Chad Tom “It’s Time To Leave”. Play in new window | Download

“Sweet Merlot”

A big ‘ol old style birthday jam. Featuring Carol, Gary and Timmy conga and a bunch of other birthday well wishers. A nice little rock n bluesy track about that “Sweet Merlot”. Recorded 2006-09-16 with John Chad C&G Tim Timc “Sweet Merlot”. Play in new window | Download

“Psychedelic Rasta”

A tripped out avante track closing out a rockin’ birthday jam. Recorded 2015-09-15 with John Tim Joe Tom “Psychedelic Rasta”. Play in new window | Download

“The Transparent Bachelor Pad”

Space orchestra music. A John birthday jam. Recorded 2013-09-14 with John Tim Chad Tom Joe Walt Sean Tomw. Play in new window | Download

“Old Scatt’n Cat”

An old timey twisted blues from the depths of ain’t never been too familiar to be unknown. Chad on lead guitar, tom bass. Recorded 2008-09-13 with John Chad Tim Tom. Play in new window | Download

“Mustache Llama”

A track from the band “Swine” A groovy oddity with lyrics from the band written during break. Recorded 2015-09-12 with Tim Chad Joe Tom “Mustache Llama”. Play in new window | Download

“Sun Worshipers Gather”

John on bass with Tim on drums and special guest Walter K. on guitar. A groovy, odd instrumental from 2010-09-11 with John Tim Walt, “Sun Worshipers Gather”. Play in new window | Download

“Monk In The Cave”

John tears it up, Tim roars on the toms, Tom wanders as he does, and Joe wraps it in words. Song of the day from 2016-09-10 with John Tim Joe Tom, “Monk In The Cave”. Play in new window | Download

Water / Hurricane Songs

Water is the inspiration for this set ranging from 1994-2015 New Year’s Eve. Trax: 2005-09-03 – John Chad Tim – 01 – Don’t Like No Water Runnin’ Through My House 2008-03-12 – John Chad Tim Jc Karl – 06 – The Waterflow 2015-12-31 – John Tim Joe Tom Jc – 03 – When The Water’s […]