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Track of the Day “Rock Bottom”

Chad on bass and vox.. a screed on hitting.. “Rock Bottom.. always looking up..” 2017-07-29 – John Tim Chad – 06 – Rock Bottom Play in new window | Download

This Day in HOL History “Gustav” “LBB”

In 2017 it’s called hurricane “Harvey!”. In 2008 there was “Gustav!” 2008-08-30 – John Tim Tom – 12 – Gustav (Mother Of All Storms) Play in new window | Download

Track of the Day “Motel Disturbance”

Something went down, in the morning you moved on.. never to think of it again.. It was a “Motel Disturbance”. 2017-04-28 – John Tim Chad. Play in new window | Download

The Trump Trax

The first Trump inspired track arrived at a jam recorded 2015-12-05 with John Tim Chad Joe, “Truze = Trump And Cruz”. To date we’ve recorded 14 Trump trax. Here they are in all their twisted glory. Performed by Swine, HOG and the LBB with the newest listed at the top of the playlist in descending […]