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Project X – In The Madhouse Of The Skull

Recorded 2007-12-23 at House of Love Studios with: John Love: Guitar, Synths, Loops, Keys Joe Love: Bass, Keys, Sax, Percussion Tim Love: Drums, drm5 1. In the Madhouse of the Skull 7:57 Samuel Beckett?s late novel of spare beauty and grainy focus is the source of the titles of these songs. Ill Seen, Ill Said […]

Project X – Monk In The Alley

John: Guitar Ensemble Joe: Bass Tim: Drums Project X: Monk in the Alley [12/16/2007] Cover Art: On the Beach, Joe Love 1991, Mixed Media and collage John: Guitar Ensemble Joe: Bass Tim: Drums Majestic vibe sounds emanate from john’s guitar ensemble. Joe’s bass is souped up by the engineer for this session a vast improvement. […]