What Lurks Within The Wall? (A Trilogy)

Tim Love – What Lurks Within The Wall? (A Trilogy)

“I stand in the dark hallway, my heart pounding in my chest.
I can hear the wind whistling through the cracks in the walls,
and the only light comes from the faint moonlight streaming in through the windows.

I take a deep breath and slowly approach the wall.
I reach out and touch it, feeling the cold, rough brick beneath my fingers.
I close my eyes and listen, trying to hear anything that might be lurking within the walls.

“What lurks within the wall?” I whisper to myself.

I hear nothing but the wind. I open my eyes and look around, but the hallway is empty.
I take a step back from the wall, but I can’t help but feel like I’m being watched.

I turn and run, my footsteps echoing in the hallway.
I burst out of the house and into the night, not stopping until I’m sure that I’m safe.”

2022-08-31 – Tim Love – What Lurks Within The Wall? (A Trilogy)

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