Sans Trio – “Song To Get You Going”

Sans Trio – “Song To Get You Going”

“The sun is shining through my window,
And I can hear the birds singing outside.
I’m still feeling a little sleepy,
But I know it’s time to wake up.

The song in my ears is telling me to rise and shine,
And I’m starting to feel the energy flowing through me.
I open my eyes and take a deep breath,
And I’m ready to start my day.

The song is getting me moving,
And I’m starting to feel my body wake up.
I stretch my arms and legs,
And I’m ready to take on the world.”

2022-10-22 – Tim Joe Tom – 01 – Song To Get You Going
Joe Love: Bass, VOX
Tim Love: Drums
Tom Lakey: Guitar

Text by Bard AI.
Prompt: “Act as if you’re hearing a chill song telling you it’s time to wake and get going”.
Edits: Minimal

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One thought on “Sans Trio – “Song To Get You Going”

  1. The old Bard’s words work with the music
    The old Bard’s words worth Wordsworth words

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